Proudly Serving The Dutchess, NY Area

Located in the southeastern portion of the state of New York lies Dutchess, NY. This area was primarily agricultural before the 60’s and then the southwestern portion became largely residential. People sought out homes in the area, changing its character to a suburban area. Many residents commute back and forth to their jobs in New York City and Westchester County areas. With many people making their homes in Dutchess, the population has grown to around 295,750 people.

Spray Foam Insulation For Your Home

With more people residing in the area comes more homes. PRO FOAM makes sure that residents in the Dutchess, NY area are comfortable no matter what time of the year. We offer spray foam insulation services to help keep the cold air out during the long winter months and the warm air in. When temperatures dip down into the 30’s, you want to make sure your home is ready and energy efficient.

As an alternative to fiberglass insulation, which is rolled out and place in between the walls, spray foam takes on a different approach with comparable results. It is a very powerful insulator due to its expansive nature which forms a tight seal closing off gaps and air leaks. It is ranked the highest insulator, at R-6. Spray foam has provided about 50% savings when it comes to conserving energy costs. It is impermeable to water providing an excellent moisture barrier and helping to deter mold. Whether you are building a new house in the area or you want to re-insulate your current home, we can help.

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